Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad's Day is almost here!

June 21st is approaching fast!

My has time flied by since you probably got your Dad that golf-themed tie or those new argyle socks circa Father's Day 2008. The economy may be a little dismal, but we know Dad has been working hard, and could use a creative and fun gift!

Here's some nifty ideas to make Dad's Day 2009 a cheery one:

Grilled by Dad Platter

Most Dads love to sear things on the grill, but not every one is a master. Here's a tribute to all those Dads that try and something to keep their spirits up (though we know what the results really are like!).

Daddy Proof Baby Bodysuit

For the new Dads out there that lack a little experience, our Daddy Proof Baby Bodysuit is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. Every time the little one is sporting one of these, you know Dad will be giggling (because of how true it is!)

You Rule! Dotted Cereal Bowl

Waking up in the morning to get ready for work can become a chore in itself. Instead wit our encouraging cereal bowl, it can become the best part of Dad's day! He'll be eager to scarf down that cereal every day just to reach the compliments awaiting at the bottom.

If you need more unique gift ideas, head on over to our Last Minute Gift Guide

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mama knows best: congrats to the winners of our Mother's Day Stories Contest!

Congrats to the winners of our Mother's Day Stories contest!

Grand prize goes to Megan and the "Toy store / Museum",
First prize goes to Lindsy on "How to Treat Others...", and
Second prize goes to Schell and "A Mother's Love".

We hope your moms enjoyed the nifty prize packs!
Thanks for the lovely stories,
The contest may be over, but you can always send more stories in and you know we love to read! =)

Check out the lovely winning stories here!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What did your mom teach you as a child?

What did you mom teach you as a child?
Maybe she passed on her most delicious baking tips, or how to sew up newly-torn pants. We want to hear about it! Let us know your funny or touching stories by May 8th, and you could get a prize pack for your mom to thank her for all that sweet wisdom!

When I think about my mom, I think about how she taught me a lot about food. Use your nose: smell if your pan is burning, sniff an orange navel for freshness. She taught me to chew more (stated in a motherly way, "you have teeth, that's why they're there!). I learned how to avoid extended stays in the bathroom by not eating so many pomegranate seeds (though in this case I didn't listen to my mom at first, ate the seeds anyways and learned the hard way). All of this wisdom from so much experience couldn't have been gleaned from anywhere, but only from mom.

Read and submit your story now!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Share your pet story - win $50!

We want to know all about your pets! Did your kitty make you laugh today? Is your dog just a silly mutt?

Tell us all of your memorable pet stories that made you laugh and still get you cracking up!
When you send us your story, you'll be automatically entered for a drawing of a $50 Wrapables Gift Certificate.

We love pictures too, so give us a few snapshots of your furry friends!

Submit your stories between 3/27 and 4/10 for a chance to win!
Submit your story and see details>

Orbee-Tuff Veggie & Fruit Dog Toy - Eggplant

The contest has been extended to 4/27, so keep sending those stories in!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And the winners to our Review & Win $100 Giveaway are...

OUCH! Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder
Reviewer: Danajo31415 from Omaha, NE
OUCH! Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder
“I love this - it is so cute and a perfect way to put out toothpicks for appetizers. It holds alot of toothpicks (about 30) and is very sturdy. Made of quality material”
Link to OUCH! Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder

Reviewer: Alliebubs from Brooklyn, NY
"A fantastic little detail!"
“I absolutely LOVE this magazine rack. It was a breeze to assemble and fit my decor perfectly. The seemingly out-of-place golden climbing man makes this otherwise straightforward piece slightly whimsical and irreverent. I love it!”
Link to Human Magazine Rack

Reviewer: CompostPail
"My dog is techy"
“If you have an iPhone and you have a pooch, get this for your dog. You will not make your dog a yuppie, instead make him/her the coolest dog around. My dog has yet to learn how to text message; must be the opposable thumb thing.”
Link to iBone Plush Dog Toy

Congratulations to our winners, who each received a $100 Wrapables Gift Certificate! And a big THANK YOU to all of our reviewers! We had a great time reading every single review, so don't stop now, keep sending them in. We'll continue to read your reviews - we want to know what you think, and other customers will want to know too!

Check back on for more fun stuff coming soon that'll let you share even more!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Review & Win $100!

Yep, you heard it right. We're introducing our new Ratings & Reviews feature and we want to hear from YOU! To celebrate our launch, we're going to give away a $100 gift certificate to three winners. Enter by simply writing a review on any product that you're familiar with. Once you've submitted your review, you're automatically entered for the random drawing of the gift certificates!

Get all the juicy details over here:

Whether you loved it or you snubbed it, keep it clean and honest; your opinion counts and we'll read every review! The giveaway ends on March 20th, so start reviewing now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well isn't that just super...

'Tis the season for some gridiron action, shrill screams rooting for favorite teams and of course great parties with guilty, but tasty treats. The Super Bowl last year with the NY Giants and New England Patriots was a fab game, though I was more satisfied with the party we threw. Plenty of refreshments, slabs of pizza pie, and good company. This year, I'm excited about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals going head to head, though I'm more excited about having a barbecue!

The weather is predicting sunny skies for the Sunday of February 1st, 2009 here in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Why not break out the BBQ supplies and get grilling?

Platinum Sausage/Hot Dog Basket
Platinum Sausage/Hot Dog Basket
One of the staples of any barbecue is the sausage. Now, I love sausages, but hate when one side gets a little too tanned. A nice basket to cradle sausages would definitely help get an even searing.

Football Corn Holders (set of 8)
What better time of the year to use your football-themed gear then the biggest football game of the year?

My NFL Edition Monopoly
My NFL Edition Monopoly
For me, there's always a time when the game on television drags a bit, or I've seen the same commercial ten times over. That's usually the time I need to whip out some worthy distractions, like this special NFL edition of Monopoly. With nifty little reusable labels, I can finally give every AFC and NFC team the property that they're worth (Dallas Cowboys = Boardwalk or Baltic?).

Well, I can't wait til Feb 1st! Anyone else have interesting plans?