Friday, July 18, 2008


We all know where the environment is headed if we keep on living the way we have been. But just because everyone needs to do their part doesn’t mean you need to live an existence void of design. I love these next few products. They’re both eco-friendly and well-designed, giving me all the more reason to make them the latest additions to my Wish List.

ONE LESS Shopping Tote
There seems to be a plethora of re-usable bags out there as of late. But am I the only one who thinks they all seem a little, well for lack of a better word, cheap? These ONE LESS Shopping Totes are solid thanks to 100% unbleached cotton. And I love the bold graphics on the front that clearly get the point across. Shove groceries, gym clothes or whatever inside and the sizeable satchel is sure to hold up.

Epicurian Natural Cutting Board

If you want to cook healthy, chances are you use your cutting board. A lot. And then you worry about bacteria getting in the grooves (if it’s made out of wood) and the whole thing getting nasty. With these Epicurian Natural Cutting Boards you can rest at ease. The surface is nonporous, so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance. The boards are lightweight, slim (a quarter inch!), and the surface won’t dull your knives. You can even toss them in the dishwasher for that extra measure of safety. What’s not to love?

100% Bamboo Blanket and Eye Mask

Bamboo – that same stuff that the pandas feast on – is as soft as cashmere and not easily depleted. In fact, it’s the most sustainable of all fibers. It’s even hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Let’s put it this way – if I could have an entire household of products made of bamboo I’d be one happy camper! But for now this blanket and eye mask will have to satiate me. Perfect for curling up on the couch or tossing in your carry-on for a more cozy plane trip.

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